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Without Borders – Guest of Honour 2017: Georg Stefan Troller

It is our great honour to welcome the ‘Centenary Journalist’ Georg Stefan Troller to this year’s film fest.  Gero von Boehm will speak to the 95-year-old about his moving life. As a child of Jewish parents who barely escaped deportation, Troller has as long as he can remember had a great interest in people and their history which made them who they were. In the 60s Troller reported for the Paris Journal. For over 20 years) he brought personal descriptions alive for ZDF (‘Second German Television’). Troller’s radical, subjective style of interviewing sometimes polarises but is character-defining for the newly developed medium of television. Likewise, Troller wrote books and made a name for himself through his documentaries. We are thrilled the famous documentary maker, author and journalist is our guest in the culture-barn and able to present his film ‘Difficulties with displaying the truth’.

Foto: @ Norbert Schmidt


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