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Barbara Schönberger and Gero von Boehm invite you for a chat about ‘Good News’

We eagerly await the participation of our discussion guests telling of their ‘success stories’ during our Sunday talk on 17.09.17 at 3:30pm, which will once more be moderated by Barbara Schönberger and Gero von Boehm. Confirmed, amongst others, are the film maker Aelrun Goette, Volker Schlöndorff, Isabell Suba and the actor Nik Xelahalij.


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Actor Ronald Zehrfeld at Friday´s Matineé

Volker Schlöndorff talks with Wolfgang Kohlhaase

Workshop in Caritas accommodation Bad Saarow a great success

Charly Hübner, Ulrich Matthes, Cem Özdemir und Martina Zöllner als talk guests

Guest of honour 2018: screenwriter and filmmaker Wolfgang Kohlhaase

Summer workshop at the Bad Sarrow refugee home