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Save the Children and “The Distant Barking of Dogs”

The new cooperation with Save the Children, the largest children’s aid organisation in the world, has given us an outstanding festival contribution: the touching and stifling documentary „The Distant Barking of Dogs”;.

The production by Danish director Simon Lereng Wilmont was shortlisted for the 2018/19 Oscar nominations in the category „Best Documentary”; and tells the story of ten-year-old Oleg, whose everyday life in a fought-over village in Eastern Ukraine is becoming increasingly difficult and lonely.

„420 million children are now growing up in conflict areas around the world – 420 million children who, as adults, are to shape the future,”; explains Susanna Krüger, Managing Director of Save the Children Germany. „Wilmont shows impressively in his film how the war has a disturbing effect on a child’s soul.“

Who, like little Oleg, grew up in war, would suffer the consequences for life, Krüger continued.“That’s why we say: Children have the protected right to grow up, learn and develop freely – anywhere in the world. No film could convey this more forcefully than „The Distant Barking of Dogs”.

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Save the Children and “The Distant Barking of Dogs”

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