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Topic 2021: Longing

Who hasn’t felt it before in their life; an uncertain and bittersweet feeling? A tugging in the chest, both painful but simultaneously inspirational.

Our focus theme this year is LONGING. Iris Wolff refers to this peculiar sensation in her novel “Die Unschärfe der Welt” (engl.: The blur of the world); “There was a longing for something that was lost, a longing for something that had not been fulfilled, a longing to find something, and sometimes also to lose something.”
Almost like a yearning; a desire that helps people deal with their own imperfection, losses and an incomplete life. A feeling of dissatisfaction that can, paradoxically, also give life a direction of significance.

We want to show these different facets of LONGING with our 2021 programme; a theme that is evocative, uncertain and yet omnipresent. What are we longing for? How do we deal with unsatisfied cravings? Or longing that evolves? In what shape and form does longing present itself?

We look forward to a diversified film programme and interesting discussions at the 9th FILM WITHOUT BORDERS festival!

Source e. g.: Scheibe, S./ Freund, A. M./ Baltes, P. B. (publ.), Toward a developmental psychology of Sehnsucht (life longings): The optimal (utopian) life, published in: Developmental Psychology, 53, June 2007, p. 778-795.

Photo: Boris Trenkel/FILM OHNE GRENZEN



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Topic 2021: Longing

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