House by the lake –

A Land without Borders

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German Premiere (presented by the Moses Mendelssohn Foundation)

The multiple award-winning Israeli author Nir Baram grew up in a politically interested family, his father being engaged in the Oslo peace process for the Israeli Government. Baram begins toscrutinize the two-state solution… A journey through Israeli and Palestinian zones: Nir Baram talks to settlers and radical Palestiniansas well as to somewhat moderate representativeson both sides. His question is always the sameand he persues it to the core: can the two-statesolution really guarantee peace in the region? How could such a state be constructed and how do both sides envisages their lives? While some people want to stick to the newly constructed reality, others want to go back to as it was before the foundation of Israel. One thing is clear from thenumerous interviews: the ideas of Oslo gave way to anger and reality. Even in spite of of his discussions, Barams doubts do not, however, seem to decline…

  • Credits

    ISRAEL 2017

    Length: 71 min

    Director: Michael Alalu

    Script: Nir Baram

    Camera: Michael Alalu

  • Direction

    © Osnat Karsansky

    Der vielfach preisgekrönte israelische Autor Nir Baram wuchs in einer politischen Familie auf, in der der Vater mit der israelischen Regierung am Friedensprozess von Oslo beteiligt war. Baram beginnt die Zweistaaten-Lösung zu hinterfragen… Reise durch Israel und die palästinensischen Gebiete : Nir Baram spricht mit Siedlern und radikalen Palästinensern genau wie mit eher gemäßigten Vertretern beider