01 – 04 SEPTEMBER 2022

International Filmfestival
Bad Saarow
at the lake Scharmützelsee
House by the lake –


Foto: Anando Ruho Osho
Foto: Anando Ruho Osho
Foto: Anando Ruho Osho
Foto: Anando Ruho Osho

The documentary tells the fascinating and equally disturbing story of the rise and fall of the Indian guru Bhagwan for the first time from the perspective of his German followers. What fascinated them about this man they called “Osho” and whom they more than revered? And why did they give up everything to follow their idol all the way to India and the USA?

Documentary filmmaker Jobst Knigge succeeded in winning the trust of some so-called “Sannyasin”. They tell their very personal stories very openly and give deep insights into their lives with the charismatic but also narcissistic guru of the 70s and 80s. They give emotional accounts of ecstatic meditations, free love, power and violence, happiness and disappointment and the building of a veritable empire of discotheques and restaurants in Germany.

  • Credits

    Germany 2020

    Length: 90 min

    Director: Jobst Knigge

    Camera: Jean Schablin

    Version: German