House by the lake –

Der Glanz der Unsichtbaren

A documentation of French director Claire Lajeunie about female street persons sparked the interest of director Louis-Julien Petit in these women who live right among us, but because of shame and the fear of violence constantly try to make themselves invisible. He did research for a year and then decided to make a feature film that should give the women but also their – mostly female, too – social workers visibility and dignity.

Surprisingly on first sight Petit opted to develop a tragicomedy out of his research. Only the roles of the social workers were casted with actresses, the homeless women played themselves. Content: A social facility for homeless women shall be closed, their camp gets shut down. Four social workers have just three months to place the women somewhere else. What ever it takes.

But their biggest success is their joint fight.

  • Credits


    Frankreich 2019

    LENGTH 102min

    DIRECTOR Louis-Julien Petit

    SCRIPT Louis-Julien Petit, Marion Doussot, Claire Lajeunie

    CAMERA David Chambille

    CAST Audrey Lamy, Corinne Masiero, Noémie Lvovsky, Déborah Lukumuena

  • Direction

    Louis-Julien Petit © Naïs Bessaih