House by the lake –

Die Unerhörten

(c) Claus Sautter

In the electoral district of West Prignitz, Brandenburg, five men are lining up for a direct seat in upcoming Brandenburg state parliament. Each of the candidates of SPD, CDU, the Left, Greens and AfD tries in his own way to get attention on the base of or in opposition to the politics made in Potsdam or Berlin. No easy job as standardized roads, wind generators everywhere and slow internet are closer to the people than Party platforms. And make it easy only for the AfD to throw out their nets.

In every respect the people in the countryside are more difficult to reach than in the cities. Both sides – politicians of established parties as well as voters – feel misunderstood, unheard. WITHOUT BORDERS shows this documentary of director Jean Boué, who himself now lives in Prignitz county for twelve years, on the weekend of the Brandenburg elections. Boué has accompanied the five candidates during their campaign and lends an ear to a left-behind region.

  • Credits


    LENGTH 65min

    DIRECTOR Jean Boué

    CONCEPT Jean Boué

    Camera Knut Schmitz

    FSK o (temporary release according to JuSchG)

  • Direction

    Jean Boué © Claus Sautter