House by the lake –

The Distant Barking Of Dogs – in co­opera­tion with SAVE THE CHILDREN

This moving documentation takes us to a small village in East Ukraine right in the midst of the combat zone of Russians and Ukrainians. Ten year old Oleg and his grandmother a more and more the only ones who don’t flee – they wouldn’t know where to got anyway, they only have each other left. With pictures nearly too beautiful it becomes obvious how being a child gets increasingly lonesome between daily routine and constant shell attacks.

We are looking forward to show this film together with Save the Children Germany as pre-cinema premiere because it impressively shows the fragility of growing up between school, swimming in the lakes and war. Simon Lereng Wilmont has accompanied Oleg for a whole year: Indeed, the wiry boy enjoys more latitude than other children, but he also has to grow up depressingly early. Only the loving company of his grandmother and last remaining friends carry him through rising questions, loneliness and constant menace.

The film will be followed by a discussion on “Children at War”; on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of SAVE THE CHILDREN – the world’s largest independent children’s rights organization.


  • Credits


    LENGTH 90min

    DIRECTORSimon Lereng Wilmont

    SCRIPT Simon Lereng Wilmont

    CAMERA Simon Lereng Wilmont

    FSK 12 (temporary release according to JuSchG)

  • Direction

    Simon Lereng Wilmont