House by the lake –

Festival Talk with Andrea Thilo and Jörg Thadeusz

Andrea Thilo and Gero von Boehm invite to our traditional discussion round with an extra focus on the festival’s theme which is „We/Us“ this year.
What do WE and US represent today – despite of two letters that recall public WEal or international economic and political dominance? Those two letters of WE, this first little pronoun that enables addressing me AND you, that implies egotism as well as inclusion – step be step it seems to decompose.
Where do WE find US in a society that increasingly encourages children in their individuality and adults in the most possible self improvement? Where and how can WE survive if long lasting relationships dissolve more and more and society hands over responsibility for each other to public administrators?
We want to explore what WE means to us today, how it works – in different stages of age and life, after 30 years of tumbling walls in Germany, in Europe, in small personal companionships as well as in public communities. How much compromise do WE need? Where are the limits? Does WE need limits to work out?