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Foto: Frei_Filmproduktion

Screening at the Cinema Bad Saarow

14-year-old Leonie from Berlin is conquering the world as a teen influencer. She enjoys putting herself in the limelight with little Instagram stories and being her own director. Millions of followers are at her feet, companies shower her with their products. When Leonie’s parents recognise the enormous economic potential in their daughter, they decide to take over her management. Leonie should have a better life than they had themselves. But Leonie’s permanent self-reflection and the merciless pressure to produce content has a downside that the adrenaline, fame and free trainers can’t compensate for.

The documentary Girl Gang by director Susanne Regina Meures lets us observe, fascinated and horrified at the same time, Leonie’s life, which consists of dreams and illusions, of excessive control and the search for an impossible freedom.



  • Credits

    Switzerland 2022

    Length: 98 min

    Director: Susanne Regina Meures

    Screenplay: Susanne Regina Meures

    Camera: Susanne Regina Meures

    Version: German with English subtitles