House by the lake –

Hi Ai

Artificial intelligence is an omnipresent topic, humanoid robots shall and will overtake more and more jobs – in hospitals, shopping malls or as cooks. But will they be able to give emotional comfort? To establish relationships with humans? Isa Willingers subtle studies appear like a sci-fi feature film but are an documentation on the future of relationships.

Willingers team filmed in laboratories all over the world and followed beautiful android Harmony and lonely Chuck from Texas on a road trip through the US. No matter how charming, well-educated and sexual attractive Harmony is, their relationship repeatedly reaches its’ limits. Japanese Grandma Sakurai, too, who got cute robot Pepper from her grandson as a present, puts her new friend aside in the end. An ironic, intelligent outlook on relationships between humans and machines without sentimentality and wagging forefinger.

  • Credits


    LENGTH 85min

    DIRECTOR Isa Willinger

    SCRIPT Isa Willinger

    CAMERA Julian Krubasik

    FSK 6 (recommended from 12 years)

  • Direction

    Isa Willinger