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Foto: nautilusfilm/polyband Medien GmbH
Foto: nautilusfilm/polyband Medien GmbH
Foto: nautilusfilm/polyband Medien GmbH

Home is where we grow up or settle permanently. And this home is always shaped by nature. Today, humans change and shape it more than any law of nature. HEIMAT NATUR is a visually stunning journey through the nature of our homeland, from the peaks of the Alps to the coasts and the depths of the North and Baltic Seas. In between is a cinematic foray through steaming forests, shimmering moors and the colourful cultural landscape around our villages and towns. Nature and its changes are captured and depicted in beautiful images. Because people are interfering with it more than ever before these days.
Jan Haft, who is considered one of the best nature filmmakers in the world, has succeeded with this film in creating a beautiful declaration of love for our native habitats and for the harmonious coexistence of man and nature.


  • Credits

    Germany, 2020

    Length: 100 min

    Director and script: Jan Haft

    camera: Kay Ziesenhenne, Jan Haft, Jonas Blaha, Jonathan Wirth, Alexandra Sailer, Steffen Sailer, Tobias Friedrich

    Version: German