House by the lake –


Screening in the cultural barn Gut Eibenhof

Kalle Kosmonaut is a very touching German long-term documentary about the life of Kalle, who grows up in a prefabricated housing estate near the Allee der Kosmonauten in Berlin. Kalle gets to talk about himself and it becomes clear: the poverty in this neighborhood doesn’t mean coolness or anything like that, but simply bad chances for the future. Christine Kugler and Günther Kurth accompanied Kalle over 10 years as he grew up in a socially difficult milieu: through first love, tests of courage and friendships, drugs and a knife attack on a man – trial, conviction and finally jail. The film, nominated for the German Documentary Film Award 2023, tells an honest, captivating and warm-hearted story about family, fate and guilt – carried by the hope that a better life is possible in the end.

Kalle will be present in person at the screening.

10 am – 11:50 am

  • Credits

    Germany 2022

    Length: 99 min

    Director: Tine Kugler, Günther Kurth

    Camera: Günther Kurth

    Animation: Alireza Darvish

    Version: German version with English UT