House by the lake –


At the latest when Helga crashes into the heating shaft of her living room and is stuck there for a night, the 62-year-old realises that something is wrong in her life. Since her husband left her for another woman two years ago, Helga cannot really overcome her anger and grief. She feels left alone by her friends and her daughter. When her cleaning lady goes on holiday and sends the Polish worker Ryszard as a substitute, everything changes. Although they don’t speak the same language, Helga feels understood and can finally let go. When Helga’s family and friends find out about their unusual relationship, Helga finds it difficult to admit her feelings for Ryszard in front of the others. Helga almost loses the happiness she has just gained.


  • Credits

    Germany /Switzerland 2021

    Length: 95 min

    Director: Mareille Klein

    Screenplay: Mareille Klein

    Cast: Ulrike Willenbacher, Zbigniew Zamachowski, Imogen Kogge, Ueli Jäggi

    Version: German with English subtitles