House by the lake –


Foto: The Walt Disney Company (Germany) GmbH

Empire, Nevada. The local gypsum mine has closed and the settlement has become a ghost town. 60-year-old Fern recently lost her husband, and now her job and house. The authorities want to send her into early retirement, but Fern wants to work. So she sells almost all her belongings, buys a small van and converts it into a caravan, which from then on becomes her home. With no concrete goal, Fern begins a nomadic life outside what many in the rest of society would call “normal”.

would call “normal”. She travels through the western part of the USA and takes on various jobs, meets other nomads who, like migratory birds, chase after odd jobs and seasonal work and who have started their mobile lives out of curiosity, loss, grief or longing in equal measure. The big OSCAR winner in 2021!


  • Credits

    USA 2020
    Length: 108 min
    Director: Chloé Zhao
    Screenplay: Chloé Zhao
    Cast: Frances McDormand, David Strathairn, Gay DeForest, Patricia Grier, Linda May Angela Reyes

    Version: Original with German subtitles