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The year 2034: The consequences of the climate catastrophe are dramatic. Drought and floods destroy the livelihoods of millions of people. After the third storm surge in a row, the seat of the International Court of Justice in The Hague has been evacuated. In a temporary interim building in Berlin, the climate catastrophe becomes the subject of legal proceedings. Two lawyers represent 31 countries of the global South that are doomed without the support of the world community. High-ranking representatives from politics and industry are invited as witnesses. The court must decide whether German politics will be held accountable for its failure in climate protection, thus setting a precedent for climate justice.

With his judicial drama ÖKOZID, Andreas Veiel takes a close look at European climate protection policy over the past two decades.

  • Credits

    Germany 2020
    Length: 89 min
    Director: Andreas Veiel
    Screenplay: Andres Veiel, Jutta Doberstein
    Cast: Edgar Selge, Ulrich Tukur, Nina Kunzendorf, Friederike Becht
    Version: German