House by the lake –

Schön­heit Und Vergäng­lich­keit

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© itworks
© Sven Marquardt


Annekatrin Hendel, producer, director and script author, stands for extraordinary contemporary documentary films. With “beauty and fugacity” she has hit her latest mark: The film portrays the photographer and Berghain-bouncer Sven Marquardt, his friends and his youth in the punk community of former East Berlin. The nearly forgotten capital of the DDR and a surprisingly vibrating subculture come to light.

Together Marquardt and his friends “Dome” Hollenstein and Robert Paris, photographer, too, recollect their youth and creative, rebellious attitude towards life in former DDR. Paris’ monochrome pictures show the fallow land and decay of East Berlin in the 1980s and vividly contrast the dreamy boudoir the friends meet at today. A film about Berlin, the determined desire for individuality and non-conformance, about getting older and friendship.


  • Credits


    LENGTH 79min

    DIRECTOR Annekatrin Hendel

    SCRIPT Annekatrin Hendel (concept)

    CAMERA Martin Farkas, Johann Feindt, Thomas Plenert

    FSK 6 (temporary release according to JuSchG)