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School Cinema

(c) BorisTrenkel/FILM OHNE GRENZEN
As part of the youth program, we are once again inviting students to film screenings with subsequent discussion rounds. The School screenings take place on Thursday morning at 9.30 a.m. and 11.30 a.m.
School Cinema Program 2019:
9.30 a.m. “24h Europe – The Next Generation”
A day in the European universe, told through the eyes of the young, as a departure into life, at the breaking points of the continent. Stories in real time, without interruption, from six o’clock i nthe morning to six o’clock i nthe morning. A program of parallel worlds and contradictions, a contemporary document, a manifesto. Excerpts will be shown with subsequent discussion in the presence of director Britt Beyer and the protagonists and activists Natalia Pancewisz and Marta Lampert from Poland.
11.30 a.m. “Kleine Germanen” presented by the Moses Mendelssohn Foundation
The documentary by filmmakers Mohammad Farokhmanesh and Frank Geiger combines animation and documentary to tell the stories of children who grew up in right-wing extremist families. The animated story about little Elsa, who as a child always played soldier wiht her grandpa, runs like a red thread through the story. With outstretched amr Elsa called “For leader, peole and fatherland”; and was very porud of herself at that time. Now she looks back on her childhood, which was mainly based on hatred and lies. She tries to understand what this kind of education has done to her and her own children.
  • Credits

    “24h Europe – The Next Generation”

    Deutschland,  Frankreich, Belgien, Finnland 2019

    length: 60min. Ausschnitte (im Original 1440min.)

    Artistic Direction: Britt Beyer

    Director: Britt Beyer, Vassili Silovic

    Idea & concept: Volker Heise


    “Kleine Germanen”

    Deutschland, Österreich 2019

    Length: 86min

    Director: Frank Geiger und Mohammad Farokhmanesh

    Script: Frank Geiger, Armin Hofmann und Mohammad Farokhmanesh

    camera: Marcus Winterbauer

    FSK: 12