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Youth Programme

Foto: Faroqhi/Peretz

As part of the FILM OHNE GRENZEN youth programme, we invite students from the district of Oder-Spree to film screenings and subsequent discussion rounds on the festival Thursday. A selection of films will be shown for the first time, curated and presented by a youth jury. Students of the 10th Class at the Maxim-Gorki-Schule Bad Saarow visited the Cinema Bad Saarow every morning for a week and watched films for children and young people from five different countries and three continents. Together with filmmakers and project leaders Anna Faroqhi & Haim Peretz, they talked and wrote about the films – and thought about which films should be seen in the school cinema program at this year’s festival. Thus they slipped into the role of film critics and jurors.


9:30 a. m. : CHUSKIT (India 2018) by Priya Ramasubban


The seven-year-old Chuskit lives in a remote village in the mountains of the Himalayas. She suffers an accident and has been paralysed since then. ( Her parents have to carry her everywhere, which doesn’t always work and puts a heavy burden on the family. ) Chuskit is bored at home alone. She really wants to go to school to learn something. But her grandfather, a Buddhist monk and head of the family, is against it.


12:00 p. m. : UNSERE GROSSE KLEINE FARM (USA 2019), directed by John Chester


It’s always been Molly and John Chester’s big dream to live in the country and have their own farm. For a long time, however, the food blogger and the nature filmmaker lived in the middle of the big city of L. A. . When they brought a dog named Todd from the shelter, luck seemed perfect at first. But Todd barked so loudly that the neighbors complained and Molly and John were dismissed from the apartment. That was the moment when both of them decided it was time to change something in their lives. The documentary tells in a touching and inspiring way about John and Molly Chester, who have been committed to organic farming with their “Apricot Lane Farms” in California for almost ten years.

Photo: Farophi/Peretz