House by the lake –



First, the script earned prizes. During this year’s Berlinale the first feature film of German director Nora Fingscheidt was awarded a Silver Bear. We are happy to show the unsentimentally and yet perceptively told story of unreckonable nine year old Benni that will enter German cinemas only in September.

Benni grows up in different social facilities. Again and again she has to change homes and psychological parents because of traumatic experiences and a vulnerability that continuously turns into explosive violence towards herself and others. In spite of strong human and educational efforts Benni can’t be tied-in nowhere. She disrupts the system and during her furious attacks even the movie pictures that splinter into action, memories and nightmares. Depressingly relentless this film asks about a place for the fragile and seemingly dysfunctional humans in our society.

Followed by a film talk

  • Credits

    DEUTSCHLAND 2017-19

    LENGTH 120min

    DIRECTOR Nora Fingscheidt

    SCRIPT Nora Fingscheidt

    CAMERA Yunus Roy Imer

    CAST  Helena Zengel, Albrecht Abraham Schuch, Gabriela Maria Schmeide  

  • Direction

    Nora Fingscheidt