House by the lake –


Foto: Piotr Pietrus
Foto: Piotr Pietrus
Foto: Piotr Pietrus

Zou and Anselm are newly in love and enjoying a dreamy summer in Berlin. But when Anselm’s old friend Gustav shows up, the casual ease is suddenly gone and reality crashes down on Zou. Is this love at all or just the fear of being alone? And so Zou, played by filmmaker Joséphine Demerliac, wanders dreamily, lost and bored through a society that doesn’t seem to have all the freedoms for her after all.
The anti-heroine Zou, like the two other main characters, Anselm and Gustav, are the perfect prototypes of a generation. Dreaming, lost and bored in a society of “freedom”, where globalisation and the social media revolution have severely disrupted our models of love.

  • Credits

    Germany 2021
    Length: 75 min
    Director: Joséphine Demerliac
    Screenplay: Joséphine Demerliac
    Cast: Zou, Cecil von Renner, Dimitri Stapfer

    Version: Original with German subtitle