House by the lake –


Foto: LOCO Films
Foto: LOCO Films

Leshka lives in a remote village on the Bering Strait between Chukotka and Alaska, at the junction between Russia and the USA. Like most of the men in his village, the teenager is a whaler and leads a monotonous life in this region at the end of the world. Since the internet has also penetrated this village, the predominantly male population meets every evening to watch dancing camgirls on an erotic website. For most men, this is just a pastime, but Leshka takes it seriously. One day he decides to track down the ” camgirl ” in the real world. Because of this obsession he falls out with his best friend and undertakes a daring journey through the raging waters of the Bering Sea to Alaska in search of the love of his life.

  • Credits

    Russia, Poland and Belgium 2020
    Length 93 min
    Director: Philipp Yuryev
    Screenplay: Philipp Yuryev
    Cast: Vladimir Onokhov, Kristina Asmus, Vladimir Lyubimtsev, Nikolay Tatato, Arieh Worthalter, Maria Chuprinskaya

    Version: Original with German subtitles