House by the lake –


Two travellers, two aims: a fatally ill German-Iranian doctor once more wants to meet old college friends to say good-bye. His son Keywan hopes that by the mutual trip his father can be saved or convinced to take surgery. Director Moritz S. Binder was awarded the Starter Film Prize of the city of Munich for this striking intimate play and road movie.

Frankfurt, Reims, Liège: During their trip in an old Mercedes Benz father and son enter numerous transit areas. Memories come alive, waiting rooms, hallways, hotels and service stand emblematic for origin and destination, start and arrival. A minor injury of Keywan’s thumb is not the only wound on this trip to be looked after. But still the mutual journey will lead both men to each other.

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    LENGTH 45min

    DIRECTOR Moritz S. Binder

    SCRIPT Albert Meisl, Moritz S. Binder

    CAMERA Tim Kuhn

    CAST Massud Rahnama, Alireza Beyram, Mohammed-Ali Behboudi

    FSK: 12 (temporary release according to JuSchG)

  • Direction

    Moritz S. Binder