House by the lake –


Screening at the Cinema Bad Saarow

When the Earth became uninhabitable for humans, the ruling elite colonised the planet Kepler 209. But its atmosphere makes the new inhabitants barren. Two generations later, a team is to determine whether life is possible again on Earth: Mission Ulysses II is to bring certainty. The space capsule goes out of control when it enters the Earth’s atmosphere. Astronaut Blake (NORA ARNEZEDER) is the only survivor of the landing – but she has to discover that she is not alone on Earth. A fight for survival begins, and Blake must make decisions that will determine the fate of all mankind.

Film discussion with director Tim Fehlbaum

  • Credits

    Germany and Switzerland 2021

    Length: 104 min

    Director: Tim Fehlbaum

    Screenplay: Tim Fehlbaum, Mariko Minoguchi

    Cast: Nora Arnezeder, Iain Glen, Sarah-Sofie Boussnina, Sope Dirisu, Joel Basman, Sebastian Roché, Kotti Yun, Bella Bading, Cloé Heinrich, Eden Gough

    Version: English with German and French subtitles