House by the lake –

Voices Of The Sea

Mariela and her family live in a remote fishing village in Cuba: Her first husband drowned trying to flee into the US, her second husband is a lot older and fisherman with heart and soul. They are deeply in love and devotedly raise the four children, in spite of all the poverty and harshness of life at the edge of real life socialism.

Ever more neighbours and friends risk the flight escape across the open sea, and not all of them reach the US. The old fisherman doesn’t understand them, he sticks to the ideals of the revolution, his work is his life. But Mariela is young, she, too, dreams of freedom and wealth. The more tourists visit the poor country, the more prices continue to rise, the harder it gets to feed the family. In slow, empathetic pictures this award winning documentation shows the inner conflict of a desperate generation between family, home and the dream of a better life.

  • Credits


    LENGHT 83min

    DIRECTOR Kim Hopkins

    SCRIPT Kim Hopkins

    CAMERA Kim Hopkins

    FSK 6 (temporary release according to JuSchG)

  • Direction

    Kim Hopkins