House by the lake –


Foto: Senator Film Produktion GmbH

Film screening as part of the ceremonial opening of the FILM WITHOUT BORDERS Festival 2021 – moderated by Andrea Thilo.

Opening speaker: Dr Manja Schüle, Minister for Science, Research and Culture of the State of Brandenburg.

Followed by a film screening and film discussion with the actors Ronald Zehrfeld, Alexander Schubert, the screenwriter Oliver Bukowski and the producer Ulf Israel. Also present will be the author Anne Rabe and the producer Reik Möller.

It’s quite possible that Hannes and his friend Ralle, both fiercely lived-in late-forties, only meet at the terminus to be all to themselves and talk. The landscape in front of and behind them is open and offers no protection anywhere – and that’s exactly how they talk to each other. But perhaps they are also driven by memory. After all, the stop used to be the “gateway to the world,” the damned interface between the pampas and “intelljentet” life, when the two friends still went to work, to the city, or even on vacation. Meanwhile, they are early invalids and long-term unemployed. And then there is the dog Maik, heartbreakingly ugly and amazingly stupid, but always guileless and cheerful.

True male friendship and lots of conversation at a bus stop somewhere in Brandenburg.  Two new episodes of the rbb series can be seen at the film festival.

  • Credits

    Director: Dirk Kummer

    Screenplays: Oliver Bukowski
    Cast: Ronald Zehrfeld, Felix Kramer, Jördis Triebel

    Version: German