House by the lake –


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A short film about a big subject: Katja Benrath tells a true story that took place on the border between Kenya and Somalia. Amongst other things, she was awarded the golden Student Oscar in 2018 for this very current film. With her final film produced during her time at the Hamburg Media School the director shows how difficult it is for Christians and Muslim in Kenya to live together- and how religious boundaries can be overcome through emphatic human behaviour. A young Christian lady gets on a coach that takes her to Northern Kenya- surrounded by Muslim travellers whom she obviously disapproves of. After a difficult journey they are attacked at the Somalian boarder by the Muslim terrorist organization al-Shahaab. They force them to hand over all Christians. But the Muslim travellers refuse to cooperate and disguise the young lady so she avoids certain death. In so doing, they endager their own lives…

  • Credits

    GERMANY / KENIA 2017

    Length: 22 min

    Director: Katja Benrath

    Script: Julia Drache, Brian Munene (consulting)

    Camera: Felix Striegel

    Cast: Abdiwali Farrah, Faysal Ahmed, Adelyne Wairimu i.a.

  • Direction

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