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Whisky mit Wodka

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Whisky and Wodka by Andreas Dresen and Wolfgang Kohlhaase (author) is a movie about film making only at first sight. It is also a movie about growing old, about the impossibility o failing and also about missed chances in life. Otto Kullberg is a well-known and heavily admired actor. But he has got a severe drinking problem. Once he messed up a shooting the production company quickly engaged a younger replacement. Now they have to shoot every single for a second time. Otto feels very offended and that provokes him to work on his performance-His ex wife plays a precarious role as she is now the wife of the director. Otto seems to struggle in real life as well as in his role´s life.


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    Länge: 99 Min.

    Regie:  Andreas Dresen

    Drehbuch: Wolfgang Kohlhaase

    Besetzung: Henry Hübchen, Corinna Harfouch, Sylvester Groth


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