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Youth Cinema

© Boris Trenkel

Within the WITHOUT BORDERS youth programme we invite schools from the region  to participate in our film screening sessions and discussions. Screenings for invited classes take place on Thursday, Sept.6 at 9.30am and 12am at Eibenhof, Kulturscheune.

Program Youth Cinema 2018:

Das schweigende Klassenzimmer

A drama with brilliant actors, staged with a sensibility that convincingly depicts the characters’ moral dilemma and reveals timeless questions of integrity, attitudes and ethics. 1956: In a West Berlin cinema high-school students Theo and Kurt watch disturbing pictures of the Budapest revolt. Back home in Stalinstadt they have the idea to hold a minute’s silence for the victims of the Hungarian struggle for freedom during class. Yet they didn’t foresee the various reactions their demonstration of solidarity would provoke. Whilst their headteacher tries to dismiss the event as juvenile mischief, the students get more and more involved in the political intrigue of their state, who wants to make an example of them. The Secretary of Education demands they give him the name of the ringleaders. Now the students are confronted with a decision that will dramatically change their future.

  • Credits

    GERMANY 2018

    Length: 71 min

    Director: Lars Kraume

    Script: Lars Kraume

    Camera: Jens Harant

    Cast: Leonard Schleicher, Tom Gramenz, Annalena Klemke, Burghart Klaußner, Ronald Zehrfeld i.a.


  • Direction

    Lars Kraume

    © Lars Kraume