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As part of the FILM WITHOUT BORDERS youth program, we are once again inviting students from the Oder-Spree district to film screenings followed by discussion rounds on Festival Thursday and Friday.

In a workshop entitled “The jury is us”, students from Beeskow, accompanied and guided by media artists Anna Faroqhi and Haim Peretz, spent a week watching and discussing films together. The young people not only trained their perception and their ability to describe what they saw. They also acted as a jury and decided which of the films will be shown on Festival Thursday at the FILM WITHOUT BORDERS 2021 school cinema. Actor Steve Windolf will discuss the films with the young people following the screenings as part of his commitment to Daimler’s corporate citizenship initiative WE CARE WE DO WE MOVE.

Another school cinema screening will take place on Festival Friday at Cinema Bad Saarow. In cooperation with the Heinz Sielmann Foundation, nature filmmaker Jan Haft will present his film HEIMAT NATUR.


Thursday, September 2, 2021 FILM WITHOUT BORDERS School Cinema in the Culture Barn:

9:30  EIN DORF SIEHT SCHWARZ (Frankreich), Regie: Julien Rambaldi

FSK: 12

1975: Seyolo, a young doctor from what is now Congo, gets a job in a small village in the north of France and brings his family with him. However, the new beginning turns out to be
blacks in the village. Based on a true story.
From the jury’s statement: The film tells of a family’s longing to be accepted in a country that is new to them. (Lars) The film tells humorously, but also instructive about racism and immigration. This is important for young people. (Sophie)


12:00  DAS FIEBER – DER KAMPF GEGEN MALARIA (Österreich, Deutschland und Schweiz), Regie: Katharina Weingartner

FSK: 6

The documentary shows aspects of the fight against malaria in East Africa. While the African protagonists have their say, the plot makes connections to colonial structures and capitalist profiteering.

From the jury’s reasons: The people of East Africa long for health and normalcy. We know this longing and the strong spread of a disease at the latest since Corona, therefore the film also addresses young people here. (Paul.)
One must become aware that colonial structures still prevail. Without this knowledge, you can’t do anything about it. (Lucy)


Friday, September 3 FILM WITHOUT BORDERS School cinema at Cinema Bad Saarow:

11:00 Uhr  HEIMAT NATUR (Deutschland), Regie: Jan Haft

Home is where we grow up or settle permanently. And this home is always shaped by nature. Today, humans change and shape it more than any law of nature. HEIMAT NATUR is a visually stunning journey through the nature of our homeland, from the peaks of the Alps to the coasts and the depths of the North and Baltic Seas. In between is a cinematic foray through steaming forests, shimmering moors and the colourful cultural landscape around our villages and towns. Nature and its changes are captured and depicted in beautiful images. Because people are interfering with it more than ever before these days.
Jan Haft, who is considered one of the best nature filmmakers in the world, has succeeded with this film in creating a beautiful declaration of love for our native habitats and for the harmonious coexistence of man and nature.

The film will be followed by a discussion on the topic “Home Nature: Quo Vadis Biodiversity?” with director Jan Haft.