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Screening at the cultural barn of Gut Eibenhof

Film screening as part of the ceremonial opening of the FILM WITHOUT BORDERS Festival 2023 moderated by Andrea Thilo.

Program schedule:

In cooperation with the Filmuniversität Babelsberg Konrad Wolf, FILM WITHOUT FRONTIERS presents three short films on the theme CONFIDENCE /ZUVERSICHT (festival opening, August 31). The films were made as part of the format “The Island”, a project of the Filmuni Summer School for the preparation of studies for people with a history of flight, migrants and immigrants. “The Island” was conceived in 2016 by Barbara Albert and Jean Boué, who has been leading the workshop since then. Participants from nine nations created three films on the theme of confidence, which could not be more different. A fictional work, a documentary work and an experimental film were created.The result is a fictional work, a documentary work and an experimental film.

Following the screening, the filmmakers will give insights into their experiences.

Culinary break (20 min)

Film screening “Farm Rebellion”

The German documentary series “Farm Rebellion” (available exclusively on Disney+) illuminates the work on the Brandenburg farm “Gut&Bösel”, which can be imagined as a kind of “farm-future laboratory”. Over the years, the farmer Benedikt Bösel has gathered around him many young people who have specialized in sustainable agriculture and forestry, traveled around the globe and acquired knowledge from luminaries from Kenya, Brazil and other parts of the world. On the approximately 1,000 hectares of farmland and 2,000 hectares of forested land, the team has been experimenting for several years with a view to finding real solutions for sustainable and climate-neutral food production. The project is supported by funds from politics and research.

“Land use is by far the most important thing when it comes to us humans. It is always the solution for climate change, biodiversity, health, rural development and equal opportunities all over the world,” says Benedikt Bösel, farmer, agrarian economist and entrepreneur on Deutschlandfunk. Doris Dörrie had the idea for the show.

FILM WITHOUT BORDERS shows episode 2 of the series Disney+ Original Series.

In the run-up to the screening, Benedikt Bösel will discuss the future of agriculture with Ludolf von Maltzan, organic farmer and managing director of the Brodowin eco-village.

7:30 pm – 9:50 pm

Westerholt, Tom: Saving the Earth with Innovative Agriculture, in: Deutschlandfunk Nova, 2023, https://www. deutschlandfunknova. de/beitrag/doku-serie-farm-rebellion-die-erde-retten-mit-innovativer-landwirtschaft, status: 2. 8. 23.


  • Credits

    Germany 2023

    Length: Episode 2, 50 minutes
    director: Pauline Roenneberg, Martin Tischner, Christian Cull
    Screenplay: Doris Dörrie, Martin Tischner
    Cinematography: Bernd Effenberger, Johannes Obermaier, Markus Schindler, Maurice Wilkerling
    Version: German version