House by the lake –


Screening in the Kulturscheune Gut Eibenhof

This very watchable series, filmed in Austria, India, Peru and the Netherlands, presents architects seeking answers to the big questions facing our civilisation today. They deal with climate change, fast-growing cities, the involvement of local populations, education and migration. These architects are pioneers for decent housing and sustainable building, translating creativity and humanitarian ideas into plans and realising them together with the inhabitants. With their creativity, they resist and create confidence for a livable tomorrow. These architects go where money is lacking, social ills prevail and climate change threatens the environment, and face up to social challenges. They seem to overcome the limits of what is possible and negotiate cultural, political, but also economic and ecological positions. In this confidence-giving series, they talk about the ideas and ideals that drive them.

Director and producer Gero von Boehm talks to architecture critic Niklas Maak (FAZ/Städelschule Frankfurt) and architect Regine Leibinger (Barkow Leibinger/Harvard) about the question of how we want to live in the future in view of the major upheavals caused by digitalisation and climate change.

Our building will have to be rethought. What do houses reveal about our lives? What should they look like? How will we get around? How will we work?

We look forward to a conversation about tomorrow, about ideas and images that inspire hope.

Niklas Maak is the author of “Server Manifesto. Architecture of Enlightenment: Data Centre as Political Machine, Housing Complex and Atlas of Strange Houses and Their Inhabitants”. His novel Technophoria is currently being made into a film. He has been teaching at the Graduate School of Design at Harvard since 2014, and at the Städelschule in Frankfurt am Main since 2021. Maak was co-curator of the exhibition Countryside at the Guggenheim Museum New York and has been awarded the George F. Kennan Prize, the Egon Erwin Kisch Prize, the Prize of the Association of German Architects and the COR Prize, among others.

Regine Leibinger has been running the architectural practice Barkow Leibinger in Berlin together with Frank Barkow since 1993. In 2022, Regine Leibinger founded the non-profit organization “Experimental”, which promotes projects that question the norms of architecture through artistic approaches and the development of new materials.

From 2006 to 2018, she was a professor at the Technical University of Berlin. She has held visiting professorships at Harvard University, Graduate School of Design, Princeton University, School of Architecture, and Cornell University College of Architecture, Art, and Planning, and has been teaching again at Harvard University as the John C. Portman Design Critic in Architecture since autumn 2022.

3 pm  –  4:40 pm

FSK 0 (Temporary release according to JuSchG).


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    Österreich 2022

    Länge: 104 Minuten

    Regie: Diego Breit Lira

    Drehbuch: Diego Breit Lira, Lixi Frank

    Kamera: Sebastian Arlamovsky, Patrick Wally