House by the lake –

WILD SUMMON & Expert Panel on Biodiversity – in cooperation with HEINZ SIELMANN STIFTUNG and SAR (Sustainability Animation Residency)

Screening in the cultural barn Gut Eibenhof!

FILM WITHOUT BORDERS organizes again this year together with its partners expert panels on socially relevant topics.

“Against the backdrop of the rapid extinction of species, is a confident view of the future still possible? These and other questions will be discussed by the guests invited by the HEINZ SIELMANN FOUNDATION:

Dr. agr. Karin Stein-Bachinger from the Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF), Dr. Nike Sommerwerk from the Museum of Natural History, Leibniz Institute for Evolutionary and Biodiversity Research and Helmut Querhammer, farmer.

Prior to the discussion, in cooperation with the French-based * Sustainability Animation Residency (SAR), award-winning short films will be screened by filmmakers and directors who aim to raise awareness of biodiversity issues with their touching animated films:

WILD SUMMON (directed by Karnie Arieli), a highly moving short film that was celebrated at the Cannes Film Festival, FLOREANA (directed by Louis Morton), which has been screened at more than 80 festivals, and BRUIT ROSE, a symbolic and poetic interpretation of growing life (directed by lysse Lefore, Martin Wiklund, Arthur Lemaître).

The films will be presented by SAR co-founder Joana Schliemann, French filmmaker and SAR grantee Gabrielle Lissot, and producer and SAR advisory board member Eleanor Coleman.

The panel will be moderated by Dr. Hannes Petrischak, Heinz Sielmann Foundation.

*SAR was created in collaboration between Schliemann Residency Provence and MIYU Distribution in Provence near Arles.

5 pm – 6:15 pm