29. AUG. – 01. SEPT. 2019

International Filmfestival
Bad Saarow
at the lake Scharmützelsee
House by the lake –

Youth program

We would like to invite students from Bad-Sarrow and the surrounding areas to ourWITHOUT BORDERS Youth Cinema during the festival days. In 2018 we will also be showing a film aimed at the youth just before the start of the festival, which will lay out the festival’s main issues.

In 2017 around 160 students from Bad-Sarrow and Fürstenwalde schools were able to watch the film  ‘Bach in Brazil’. Subsequently the filmmaker Ansgar Ahlers led a lively discussion withGerman students and youth from the so-called ‘Welcome classes’ (partly made up of refugees). The analysis about what was watched continued throughout the festival and could lead to a valuable addition to extra-curricular education. We very much hope to further build up this part of the festival in the future.





WITHOUT BORDERS  is planning its first two week film workshop in July 2018 in the Caritas shared accommodation in Bad Saarow. Refugees and Bad Saarow youth will produce a film in the course of the workshop, which will be shown at the film festival in September.  Another workshop is going to take place in September. We are very thankful for the large amount of support that we have received from the community of Bad Saarow and Oder-Spree district.


Just as we could offer a workshop for German and refugee school children in 2016, we were happy to be able to similarly implement two different media projects in 2017. Here, the youth worked together and through it could develop a better understanding of one another. Aided by artists and film score composers, independent film contributions emerged out of weeklong workshops during June and September 2017. In the first workshop, word-e-scape, it was about analysis with word and speech. In the second workshop sonONOlux the youths’ silent films were set to music will the help of instruments. Both the films were presented during the festival as well as the work of word-e-scape- Workshops was presented and exhibited at the students’ schools. The workshops have been under the care of Eunice Martins, Laura Mello, Heidrun Schramm und Nicolas Wiese.


Looking back 2018!

Actor Ronald Zehrfeld at Friday´s Matineé

Volker Schlöndorff talks with Wolfgang Kohlhaase

Workshop in Caritas accommodation Bad Saarow a great success

Charly Hübner, Ulrich Matthes, Cem Özdemir und Martina Zöllner als talk guests

Guest of honour 2018: screenwriter and filmmaker Wolfgang Kohlhaase

Summer workshop at the Bad Sarrow refugee home

WITHOUT BORDERS celebrates Saudi-Arabian Film’s World Premiere

HOUSE BY THE LAKE bursary holder Karim Ainouz wins the Amnesty International Film Prize

Main Theme for 2018: Decency!?