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Screening at Cinema Bad Saarow (now “Cinema by Velotel”)

You would like to visit a film at the Cinema Bad Saarow? Then you can also use the DALLI service from Bad Saarow station to the Eibenhof. The stop is within easy walking distance of the cinema on the station forecourt.

Hammer and compass in Mozambique. During a demonstration in Maputo, the flag of the GDR flies, carried by “Madgermanes,” contract workers who once toiled in East Germany. Some started families there, like Eulidio. His daughter Sarah is growing up with her mother Ingrid in Berlin. Her relationship with her “second home” is only gradually blossoming. Thanks also to Luana, Sarah’s baby, whose father Eduardo also comes from Mozambique.

The memories of the Lubmin nuclear power plant are still present in Eulidio’s mind. Today, he sells French fries in Springs, South Africa. Sarah, meanwhile, has long known her father only from a photograph. When she was eleven, she met him for the first time, sensing how comfortable she felt surrounded by people whose skin was as dark as hers. As an adult, she decides to spend some time in Mozambique – and meets Eduardo. On the flight back, she is pregnant. THE HOMES WE CARRY paints the portrait of a family torn between Germany, Mozambique and South Africa and shows the challenges that come with it.

Followed by a film discussion with filmmaker Brenda Akele Jorde !

11 am – 12:30 pm

FSK 6 (Temporary release according to JuSchG).


  • Credits

    Germany 2022

    Length: 89 min

    Director: Brenda Akele Jorde

    Camera: David Simon Groß

    Version: Original with German UT