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Screening at Cinema Bad Saarow (now “Cinema by Velotel”)

You would like to visit a film at the Cinema Bad Saarow? Then you can also use the DALLI service from Bad Saarow station to the Eibenhof. The stop is within easy walking distance of the cinema on the station forecourt.

Berlin, end of the 19th century: Alexander Hoffmann is an ambitious ethnology doctoral student. When a delegation of Herero and Nama from the colony “German Southwest Africa” travels to Berlin in the course of the “German Colonial Exhibition”, Hoffmann meets the interpreter of the group, Kezia Kambazembi. Hoffmann develops an intense interest in the Herero and Nama – and after several meetings with them, he contradicts the common evolutionist theory of race. A little later, the Herero and Nama uprising in the German colony leads to war. Hoffmann travels the country with soldiers and witnesses the atrocities committed by the colonial army. But Hoffmann also crosses moral boundaries when he is asked by his university to send skulls and skeletons of slain Herero to Germany for the purpose of racial research. When the ethnologist hears that Kezia is supposed to be in a concentration camp in Shark Island, his own degeneration reaches its peak. His search for Kezia becomes a journey into the darkness of the first genocide of the 20th century. The film celebrated its premiere at Berlinale 2023!

Film discussion with filmmaker Lars Kraume and Herero descendant and activist Israel Kaunatjike.

1:30 pm – 3:20 pm

  • Credits

    Germany 2022

    Length: 116 min

    Director: Lars Kraume

    Production Designer: Jens Harant

    Version: German version with English UT