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Foto: Lars Ostenfeld
Foto: Lars Ostenfeld
Foto: Lars Ostenfeld
Foto: Lars Ostenfeld

In one of the most extreme landscapes on earth, ice researchers risk their lives to understand climate change. Because they cannot collect all the data with satellites, they climb into over 150-metre-deep chasms of bare ice. Danish documentary filmmaker Lars Ostenfeld tells their story in an incredibly exciting way and with spectacular images.

In INTO THE ICE, Ostenfeld follows three of the world’s leading glaciologists into the ice of Greenland. All three agree that the Greenland ice sheet is the key to understanding the extent and speed of sea level rise. Secured only with a rope, they descend into the darkness of the ice without knowing what will await them there and search for answers to questions that concern us all: How fast is the Greenland ice sheet melting? What future are we heading for as the oceans rise? What can we do about it?

Campino gives this film his voice as narrator.

Film discussion with producer Stefan Kloos

  • Credits

    Denmark and Germany 2022

    Length: 85min

    Director: Lars Henrik Ostenfeld

    Screenplay: Caspar Haarløv

    Version: German version