House by the lake –

Und Der Zukunft Zugewandt


Enthusiastic communist Antonia Berger went to join the Soviet Union in the 1930s. After getting wrongly accused for espionage she was sentenced to several years of labour camp in Siberia. Released in 1952 she returns to then young DDR with her daughter and is looking forward to a new start. Finally she will be able to build up a new socialistic society. But she has to sign a hard restriction: Her experiences in the socialistic big-brother country have to stay her secret.

In order that “not everything was in vain” Antonia endures the gagging order and lets her new love move into the West on his own. She can’t and won’t give up her faith into the new state and the socialistic ideal. The consequences are doubt and bitterness till 1989 and the break of the wall. A film that illustrates the for many supporters of socialism hard to bear splits between ideal and Party reason.

  • Credits


    LENGTH 108min

    DIRECTOR Bernd Böhlich

    SCRIPT Bernd Böhlich

    CAMERA Thomas Plenert

    CAST Alexandra Maria Lara, Robert Stadtlober, Karoline Eichhorn, Stefan Kurt

  • Direction

    Bernd Böhlich © Alexander Martens_Mafilm GmbH