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Filmworkshop with DASI Berlin

Since 2016 WITHOUT BORDERS FILM has organised film screenings, discussions and workshops for children and young people. A first film workshop took place in March 2019 with DASI Berlin GmbH. The project was aimed at young people who for various reasons are no longer able to live at home and are therefore supervised by the Diakonische Arbeitsgemeinschaft Sozialpädagogischer Initiativen. Guided by the VR journalists Christiane Wittenbecher and Susanne Dickel of IntoVR, the young people produced a 360° film. Together they developed the concept, the script and the shooting schedule. In doing so, they should deal with the content of this year’s festival theme: „WE“. The subtopic of their film, which the young people chose themselves in a first trial, was bullying. The head oft he DASI Berlin department in charge empfasized the importance of such a film workshop fort he young people:“ It gives them enormous independence and they experience what it means to be creative and to let something come into being. This strengthens their personality – qualities that will advance them in their further lives.“ The workshop was sponsored by the Stiftung Berliner Sparkasse.

Foto: IntoVR


2020 – a festival in special times…

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