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Die Neue Zeit / Festival Opening

ZDF/zero one film/Constantin Television/Nadcon
ZDF/zero one film/Constantin Television/Nadcon
ZDF/zero one film/Constantin Television/Nadcon

Festive Opening of the festival with Screening “Die Neue Zeit”

German broadcaster ZDF has, as many others, adopted the 100th anniversary of Bauhaus. From the series’ first season we are happy to show two episodes before the TV start in September. They recount the beginnings of the famous Bauhaus school of arts and design that aimed at a new understanding of art, crafts and architecture, new men and women, even an all new time.

The opulently equipped series is casted with lots of well known actors and tells of the courageous founders, lofty aims and considerable difficulties of the progressive Bauhaus school in a still rather conservative society. Central figures are Bauhaus founder Walter Gropius from whose view the story is told retrospectively and his gifted and rebellious art student Dörte Helm. Initially they clash violently because of different opinions about the development of the school and the arts they finally get closer.

In presence of actress Anna Maria Mühe

  • Credits


    LENGTH 90min

    DIRECTORLars Kraume

    SCRIPT Lars Kraume, Judith Angerbauer

    CAMERA Jens Harant, Sebastian Volk, Moritz Virmond

    CAST August Diehl, Anna Maria Mühe, Ludwig Trepte, Valerie Pachner

  • Direction

    Lars Kraume