House by the lake –

Across the line

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German Premiere (presented by the Moses Mendelssohn Foundation)

A short road-movie by the Israeli director Nadav Shlomo Giladi that takes place in the Israel-Palestine border area and in a humorous way reflects on the stereotyped ideas and fears in the complicated relationship of the two groups. An Israeli settler hurries home to get back on time for Shabbat – however, his car breaks down and he finds himself unexpectedly confronted with a Palestinian tramper who is on the run. He tries again and again to get rid of this uninvited guest but due to a series of unforseen events the two stay together, even helping each other out. Although their companionship is not exactly voluntary, a healthy pragmatism in the face of outward circumstances binds the two together. And at the end a certain respect or even friendship tentatively arises. The film won the prize for best short film at the Stony Brook Film Festival in the US.

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  • Credits

    ISRAEL 2017

    Length: 29 min

    Director: Nadav Shlomo Giladi

    Script: Zuriel Melchior

    Camera: Giora Bejach

    Cast: David Shaul, Jalal Masrwa i.a.

  • Direction

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