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Die Bleierne Zeit

Controversial figures of instant history, a politically charged time, a well known female director – Margarethe von Trotta’s “German Sisters” in many respects is the legendary story of two sisters who grew up in the narrow-minded 1950s in Germany. Politicized by the student revolution of 1968 both engage for social and political change, but in very different ways: Journalist Juliane wants to fight with words, Marianne rather with deeds. Marianne joins the armed underground resistance and finally gets arrested.

Their different approach makes the sisters to adversaries. But still their shared family history ties them together too much for letting go. Based on parts of the biography of German terrorist Gudrun Ensslin this film insistently illustrates inner as well as outer battles during the agitated 1970s in Germany.

  • Credits


    LENGTH 110min

    DIRECTOR Margarethe von Trotta

    SCRIPT Margarethe von Trotta

    CAMERA Franz Rath

    CAST Barbara Sukowa, Jutta Lampe, Doris Schade, Luc Bondy

  • Direction

    Margarethe von Trotta © Manfred Breuersbrock