House by the lake –

Gott Existiert – Ihr Name Ist Petrunya

Petrunya lives in a small north Macedonian town and is unemployed. After coming home from another humbling job interview she throws herself into the small river, into which the orthodox priest of her town has just thrown a blessed crucifix, and dives it up. The problem is: Only men are allowed to participate in annual traditional ritual.

What Petrunya did spontaneously and blindfold out of frustration, provokes tremendous alarm: The male swimmers are outraged and wrest the cross from her, Petrunya is interrogated by the police though she hasn’t broken any law, the media steps in. But Petrunya is not a feminist – she just wants to keep the crucifix that promises a whole year of good luck. Though even her mom turns against her. This Film pictures only one day and still it is a wonderful tragicomic drama and a strong plea for unruliness.

  • Credits


    LENGTH 100min

    DIRECTOR Teona Strugar Mitevska

    SCRIPT Teona Strugar Mitevska , Elmar Tataragic

    CAMERA Virginie Saint-Martin

    CAST Zorica Nusheva, Labina Mitevska, Simeon Moni Damevski, Suad Begovski

    FSK 6 (temporary release according to JuSchG)


  • Direction

    Teona Strugar Mitevska