House by the lake –

In Zeiten des ab­neh­men­den Lichts

© HannesHubach/X-VerleihAG

Matti Geschonneck and Wolfgang Kohlhaase present a successful film adaption of Eugen Ruge´s awarded novel ‘In times of fading light’ by changing the celebrations surrounding the 90 year old protagonist into an intense chamber drama. In Autumn 1989 Wilhelm Powileit, honourable party member and convinced stalinist, celebrates his 90th birthday. Everyone comes and visits him in his big villa where he resides together with his wife Charlotte: leaders of the SED Party who give him another medal for his achievements, the pioneers (Communist Youth) who sing a song for him – even his step son Kurt, who spent a long time as prisoner in Siberia where he got to know his Russian wife Irina, is a guest. Yet Wilhelm’s nephew Sascha, who fled the GDR a day before, is sorely missed. Despite all negative news Wilhelm stoically maintains the illusion of a real existing socialism.

  • Credits

    GERMANY 2017

    Length: 100 min

    Director: Matti Geschonneck

    Script: Wolfgang Kohlhaase

    Camera: Hannes Hubach

    Cast: Bruno Ganz, Hildegard Schmahl, Silvester Groth i.a.

  • Direction

    © Lars Kaphengst/X-VerleihAG