House by the lake –

TALK 2021 – moderated by Andrea Thilo

Foto: Boris Trenkel/ Film Ohne Grenzen

Andrea Thilo invites you to the traditional FILM WITHOUT FRONTIERS discussion round – this year on the festival theme SEHNSUCHT:

“There was a longing for something that was lost, a longing for something that had not been fulfilled, a longing to find something and sometimes also to lose something” writes Iris Wolff in her novel “Die Unschärfe der Welt”, referring to the feeling of peculiar indeterminacy. What do we long for? How do we deal with it when our longing is not satisfied and our SEEKING becomes greater and greater? How different can SEEKING look and where can it drive us?

Guests with us:

Prof. Dr. Alexandra Freund, University of Zurich, research focus “Desire”, director Christian Schwochow (JE SUIS CARL, Munich, The Crown, and many more) and Carolin Behr, co-founder of the Volt Europa party.