House by the lake –

Main Theme for 2018: Decency!?

We will look at decency – or the lack of it – on a small scale and its echo on the grand scale. It’s about decency and the mutual goodwill as a prerequisite for a livable, functional community; in everyday life, in politics, the economy and social media. We would like to show films about people who work against brutality and everyday lies; whose composure and courage prove that they don’t just have their own interests in view; but we would also like to show films which document the opposite of decency.    

“…because decency is the unwritten law of the continuous inner attitude of an individual, but yet the sum of the unwritten rules of a community.” (Hans Kelsen) 


Schoolproject Mix it for the first time in Fürstenwalde

Filmworkshop with DASI Berlin

“Save the Children” and WITHOUT BORDERS Festival

Festival theme 2019: WE

Looking back 2018!

Actor Ronald Zehrfeld at Friday´s Matineé

Volker Schlöndorff talks with Wolfgang Kohlhaase

Workshop in Caritas accommodation Bad Saarow a great success

Charly Hübner, Ulrich Matthes, Cem Özdemir und Martina Zöllner als talk guests

Guest of honour 2018: screenwriter and filmmaker Wolfgang Kohlhaase