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Topic 2020: “Courage”

A free state lives on conditions that it itself cannot guarantee. For cohesion and progress, he needs certain qualities of his citizens, although no one can force them to do so. Courage is one of these qualities and certainly one of the most important: without courage nothing is conquered and nothing is defended. Without courage the good old is not preserved and the young new is not achieved. Nowhere. We all suspect that, for the first time in decades, the major issues are once again at stake: democracy, freedom of expression, health, peace and – despite all current concerns – saving the planet from climate infarction. We all suspect that times have dawned that demand more courage, more courage. Even in a free and rich country like Germany. But what makes people brave? Who, when and why? Courage is risky, otherwise it would be power. Or standstill. We are looking for stories of this courage that takes risks, that changes.

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And all are in demand, without exception. A conversation with Volker Schlöndorff


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Topic 2021: Longing

2020 – a festival in special times…

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